Game Update

2013-08-07 20:30:01 by IzaacBarratt

Wow, so after somehow miraculously recovering my lost game data I've been moving ahead with the overall production. The game is approximately 2/3's complete with the majority of the games fundamentals and engine fully completed. It's mostly just a question of buffing out the game by creating more enemy animations and levels, NPC's and dialogue congruent to building up the story.

Anyway, just thought I'd give a quick update and let people know that it'll be finished hopefully before September (though this may not include online testing from people on the forums), and finally here's a conclusive screenshot.


Game Update

How Bitterly Depressing

2013-07-16 13:47:40 by IzaacBarratt

Soooooo, a game I've been working on for approximately 5 - 6 months decided to go and mess me up by glitching itself. Then the other backup version I had on my computer somehow developed the same problem as soon as I tested it approximately 15 minutes later. The glitch itself doesn't corrupt the file in the sense I can't open it, but it for some reason deleted everything inside quite a few movieclips. So after a few days of splicing different files attempting to piece together the product I had beforehand, I almost managed to fully recover the file, but there is still a tedious chunk of work that needs to be done.

Due to this I decided I'm going to abandon this project, for now. Perhaps I'll come back and rework on it at a later date, but for now I'm going to focus on other things. In a way I think this has almost been positive in the sense it frees me up to try experimenting with different code and gameplay mechanics.

I had an idea for a game a few weeks back and so that's what I'll be devoting most of my programming time to. It's called Medeocrity and I have a base concept but other than that I don't know much else about it.
I'll try and keep updating at major keypoints in production and hopefully finish it before the winter.

Anyway if anybody wants to see what I had before the first project went and messed itself up here it is :
Ultro City

How Bitterly Depressing


Woyy, got the inventory system working for my game now. You can now change between 25+ equips and purchase, sell 30+ items that can be used for getting money or making things, switch between 8 unique weapons & change between 5 powerful overdrives. All I have to do is set up the construction of items menu and I'm finished with everything inventory related (y) .

I'll probably put up a list of items with their relevant information and how things work at some point. But yeah, for the meantime, my current game is about 20% complete. Progress should go much faster now though as the majority of the core mechanics are now created it's a case of bulking out the build.



So yeah, I;ve heard quite a few positive things about this game and occasionally seen in it shops but not actually bothered buying it. Finally I have it and I've started playing it it. Only about an hour in, the gameplay was pretty fun at first but I'm worried it might get repetitive, the characters seem slightly annoying and pretty damn archetypal but meh, they might end up getting further developed (hopefully). The narrative and exploration seems pretty linear, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if the gameplay keeps on being repetitive could get tedious. The game has a nice amount of depth though, seems like there's quite a bit to do and I like the fact that there aren't random battle encounters. I find the world's ascetically pleasing, although the cut scene's aren't brilliant and a few too many if you ask me. All in all it's still pretty fun, and I'll refrain from making any further judgement until I play it more. But yeah, seems decent.

Items and Inventory System Finished!! + Infinite Undiscovery

Upcoming game characters

2013-03-30 18:57:36 by IzaacBarratt

Working on a new game at the moment, I've nearly finished the majority of programming for the player and the basic game play mechanics, just needs some refining and then level development etc. (tbh I'm sure I'm underestimating how much effort it will take).

Zayne : Who is an ice dragon
Concept Art

Meliea : Think she's just a regular human, part time mechanic or something along those lines
Concept Art

And here's a picture of the actual game in play time. (excuse the background, I haven't started working on it yet)

Upcoming game characters

Animation update

2013-02-16 09:53:06 by IzaacBarratt

Been experimenting more with explosion effects and added some music, also implemented some of the background. Starting to shape up abit.


Animation update

Animation in progress!

2013-02-07 13:04:48 by IzaacBarratt

Currently working on a new animation that is somewhat of a promotional piece for an upcoming game I'm making that is a sequel to Young Magic

The piece will be showing the protagonist of the upcoming game, and predominantly a chance for me to experiment with some fbf animation and try messing around with various effects.

Animation Preview

Recently I've been finally getting around to scanning in my random doodles and illustrations, I have yet to put them on newgrounds but I have them on deviantart. Cheak me out,
My Deviant Account

Animation in progress!

Young Magic is out!

2013-01-20 08:36:59 by IzaacBarratt

Finished the game people, cheak it out here :

Young Magic

Young Magic is out!